Vanda Outh’s wedding gowns are a collection of custom-made dresses – a unique blend of 20th century fashions, styled for today.

A poetic interpretation of embroidery and chiffon, expressed in delicate colours and playful transparencies, is both pleasant and romantic.

Vanda Outh also suggests reworking your mother’s bridal dress; while respecting its original form she will breathe life into your treasured, vintage garment and create an original, hand-sewn piece.

Her attention to detail, in harmony with the materials and colours, draws inspiration from her numerous journeys abroad :

Cambodia – a country especially close to her heart – gifted her with a wealth of tradition and ceremony ; Morocco, a kingdom of colours, taught her the savoir-faire of embroidery and precious, painted fabric ; Canada and the Amerindian culture, rooted in landscapes seemingly frozen in time, expanded her horizons by virtue of its natural beauty and simplicity.

So that every dress is unique and transforms each bride into a flower, ready to bloom in the arm’s of her beloved.

Vanda Outh designer bridal dress Paris © 2014